Tattoo supplies need to pay attention to what before operation

Tattoo supplies need to pay attention to the following points before operation: 1. Choose and draw out the pattern, spray a small amount of medical disinfectant on the skin, and transfer printing pattern; (practice makes perfect! 2. Before the tattoo, with 10 times the magnifying glass to check the needle, if there is a barbed; [...]

Google heavily into the car intelligent system market in 2014

On February 11, news, according to foreign media reports, in last month’s consumer electronics show in 2014, Google announced Open car Alliance (Open Automotive Alliance) was formally established. According to open car alliance website, the alliance by global IT and car companies and a number of leaders, union members promised in 2014 years to the [...]

The method produced anti-double chin

Chin fat thin, many girls have the same problems, could be genetic problems, experts in research at present. For a double chin, in daily life, we can learn to use facial lifting motion, increase the ability of the facial muscles and skin tissue elasticity, to delay the appearance of aging process, prevent the generation of [...]

Rajon rondo plan back until the all-star weekend: January or February

According to the Boston herald reports, the celtics star Jane – rajon rondo said, he planned to return before the all-star weekend. Rajon rondo has made great progress, said his recovery state than in December now has 10 times. Because of knee surgery, rajon rondo has not played a game of the season, in the [...]

The Syrian chemical weapons and equipment transport, Chinese warships to participate in the convoy

The United Nations and a ban on chemical weapons group 7 confirmed respectively, the first waiting outside the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and equipment transfer work started in the day. Chinese warships to participate in the convoy. The opcw and UN special coordinator for the card of a joint delegation 7 confirmed that the [...]

Two foreign teachers were shot in Libya

Libya 3, local officials said the two foreign teachers in the capital, tripoli, 60 km west of progenitor navarre was gunned down near a small town, one of them is a British man, another man for a woman from New Zealand. A local officials who spoke on condition of anonymity progenitor navarre told xinhua news [...]

U.S. counterterrorism double standards will eventually hit yourself in the foot

Only against terrorism against the United States in the United States, this requires broad support of the international community in the United States; However, the United States is not so against terrorism against some of the other countries, to other countries to combat terrorism and to protect the legitimate rights and interests the behavior of [...]

Australia’s budget deficit continue to worsen

According to England “financial times” reported on December 17, the Australian government budget deficit is worsening. Previously, the new government has promised, in the next ten years, does not rely on spending cuts, realize government financial profit. In the year to June 2014, the federal government deficit is expected to reach $47 billion ($42 billion), [...]

The more than two hundred people dressed as Santa Claus surfing in Florida celebrate Christmas

On Christmas Eve, there are more than 210 surfers dressed as Santa Claus, elves and frosty, central Florida’s Atlantic coast surfing in the United States. According to the report, Cocoa Beach (Cocoa Beach) mayor nate storm (Dave Netterstrom) 24 on the Beach while watching activity announced that this year’s Santa claus Surfing (Surfing Santa) activity [...]

Iranian officials say the iaea has no right to check the Iranian military facilities

Tehran news: according to Iran news television website reported that 21 salehi, Iran’s atomic energy organization, said the international atomic energy agency (iaea), neither right nor duty check Iranian military facilities. On Nov. 11, Iran and the international atomic energy agency (iaea) agree on cooperation road map, the two sides signed a solution to the [...]